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What Insurance Do You Need?

Whether you are a student fresh out of cosmetology school, a booth renter, a salon owner, a barber, an esthetician, a shampoo technician, or a manicurist/nail technician, we've got you covered. See a policy you need not listed here? Contact us! Chances are we can still help!

General Liability

Both salon owners and booth renters need this. It protects you and your business from injury to a person, damage to someone else's property, and slander or libel.

Product Liability

For many beauticians, your tools are your trade. Product Liability is designed to protect those if they are lost, stolen or damaged. Anything portable in your booth, even a picture frame, can be covered with this policy.

Professional Liability

Professional Liability protects you from client medical bills, legal fees and compensation if they claim you made a mistake. Even if there are no grounds, clients can file claims for emotional distress, treatment gone wrong or loss of personal data. 

Cyber Liability

During this digital age, salons use an IT system to book appointments, make payments, and store client information and if hacked, your business could crash. Cyber liability covers costs for an investigation, restoration of your website and data, regulatory fines, and more.

Commercial Property

Salon Owners use this policy to protect their business and the contents in it in case of fire, theft or other covered disasters. 

Business Owner's Policy

This policy protects you and your business for unexpected instances that cause a business interruption. It will prevent a bill including lost income, moving costs, equipment hire costs, temporary rent costs.

Workers Compensation

Most states require this policy because it cares for the salon when an employee files a claim for a workplace injury. This is in place if injuries such as a curling iron burn, scissor's cut, a trip and fall, or another accident on the job would occur. Worker's comp covers their medical bills and lost compensation as well as protects your salon from a lawsuit.

Is there a policy you're looking for that isn't listed here? Chances are we can cover it! Contact us today.

What Our Clients Say

Nicole, Beautician/Booth Renter

The salon I got hired into required booth renter's insurance so I needed it and I needed it fast. I found Oops Proof online, got quote on my phone, and was able to immediately start working!

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