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Welcome to Oops Proof Beautician

We've all heard it before... I hate insurance. Insurance is boring. Why do I need insurance? What is the point of paying for insurance when I never use it? And even though we have answers to these questions, we completely understand where you're coming from!

Typical insurance agents try selling as much insurance as possible by broadening their audience to auto, home, pet, travel, small business, employee benefits, human resources, health and wellness and so on. Our team of insurance professionals came together in spite of this model. We believe the best way to serve clients is by focusing on JUST them.

Oops Proof Beauticians values the community that comes with focusing on a single industry. It caters to our clients by only offering the policies you need rather than trying to sell you policies that are useless to you. We don't put together "packages" in order to force you to buy coverages that aren't necessary. We provide you with exactly what you need and provide an option for more, but only if you're interested.

One of the best parts about our company is our tech-enabled system that is designed to give you an instant quote. And when we say instant... we mean it. Pull our site up on your phone or desktop, fill in your information, and instantly hear back from us on how much we can save you. It's simple, affordable and secure.

Finally, the reason we have attracted so many clients since we have launched-- our community and endless resources to trends in the cosmetology industry. Oops Proof is plugged into multiple Facebook groups and is dedicated to connecting beauticians with other beauticians. We also release weekly blogs and share trending articles regularly so you have access to the most updated news in the cosmetology world.

We're so excited to share this community with you and to protect your assets.

Contact us today for a free quote!

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