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Getting Back in the Post-Pandemic Groove

The year 2020 was not just another year… for many reasons! Due to COVID-19, many people were left at home with nothing to do but of course, try some fun online trends. One of the more popular trends was cutting your own hair.

As many people tried avoiding the amount of human contact, they didn’t feel safe trying to get their hair cut while there was still so much unknown with the coronavirus. Hairstylists are one of the few professions that have to be really near to their clients (too bad we can’t cut hair with a 6 foot pole, right?).

So after a few viral TikToks were released on “How to cut your own hair”, people started getting creative. Before you knew it, everyone was at home cutting their hair in their bathrooms! With such confidence, wives started to cut their husband’s hair and parents started to trim their kids’ hair! It was wild!

Even more wild than that, the salons became empty. Hairstylists and beauticians that relied on tips and customers started losing their jobs and their income. Social distancing restrictions resulted in salon capacity falling to 70% of what it was before the pandemic, with beauty and hair businesses losing on average two hours of appointment time per therapist/stylist per day, the report found.

As time passed, people started trickling back into the salons bit by bit. But once January 2023 hit, it was full blown back into salon business! Beauticians and barbers are now needing to re-learn how to keep up with the groove of a full schedule and regular clients.

Oops Proof has come up with a few tips to help you better manage this craziness that is now your regular schedule!

1. Make a calendar. This calendar should be separate of any shared or working calendars. Go buy a cute planner from TJMaxx or start using the calendar on your phone. You could even just start writing appointments on a blank piece of paper. Just make sure you start putting all the times down with reminders so you know what to expect and when.

2. Set reasonable goals. Now that so many people are making regular visits into the salon and opening new accounts, it might be easy to take on as much as you can. But this can lead to burn out! What did your schedule look like before COVID-19? Investigate the ways you can make a steady income without overworking yourself.

3. Pencil in some time for growth. This could look like a lot of things: starting to do yoga, joining some neighborhood group, watching at least one new hair or nails tutorial each day. Whatever it is, you will provide better service to your clients if you are also growing personally and professionally!

Now let’s get back in the groove!!

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